Treasures I Hold
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Barbara Williamson-Wood  is a 60 years old  Native American, born in Wyoming, lived in Arizona and Florida . In love with the mountains of her childhood, she now resides  in Big Timber Montana.A  perfect place to find traquility and awaken the creative talents within. Besides writing, the author enjoys painting, and silversmithing.
She is a Spiritual person believing in harmony and balance within ones self.  Barbara is  spirtually whole when she is in  in the mountains and become one with all living things..
 "This is the path I chose. I do not preach, I do not teach, but where I walk you may follow and we can grow" b.w.w.

I do not stand tall and strong
no one is in awe of my presence
I do not have fragrant blossoms
Though I am a tree like no other
Life abounds within my branches
A small miracle in my Makers' eye
Don't make wounds that will not heal
Lat me grow and take me as I am...

At the present I am a freelance writer and have written for newpapers and magazines. I am also currently working on completing a few manuscripts and I
hope that will be raedy in the Spring of 2003.

Backpacker taking a drink; Size=180 pixels wide

No its not me..

I will leave this picture up here until I have time to update..

My Favorite Things: my friends all know !
Movies: Western and Steven Segal
Color: Fushia
Hobbies: Writing, sivlersmithing, painting, Indian beadwork

My favorite movies : Last of the Dogmen
                                 The Cowboys(John Wayne) 

My favorite Music: Country (40's-60's)
                               Indian  Music